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Launching new SCENE website

Gone... only to be back again

Here it is, after a few years on hiatus, a place on the internet I call my own. 

Moving from Lebanon to Canada, from Beirut to Ottawa, from capital to capital: an expat, a deserter, a newcomer, an immigrant, a resident, a global citizen, ... A global citizen really missing the hills, the sea, the family, the friends, the unpretentious local forn and manousheh, the Sunday lunches but also adapting to the Canadien lifestyle and appreciating the views (green and white) and the support I received from everyone since I got here.

The new website is a work in progress, it will still change and grow in the coming weeks. Art prints and Apparel are being fulfilled by partner printers somewhere near you as soon as you place an order, which is why it takes a bit longer to deliver it to you. Not keeping a large stock and making products on demand instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction and allows freedom for a larger selection. If you are a Lebanon supplier or a Gulf supplier and would like to partner for production reach out! 

As for jewelry: it is finally back in stock by popular demand in Lebanon with the help of Elyse on the ground in Lebanon. 



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